Frequently Asked Questions


Is there a minimum rental period

• Minimum rental period: 12 months
• Unfurnished and furnished apartments
• Positive Schufa entry
• Parents' guarantee
• Deposit: 2 basic rents
• No animals allowed
• Only for enrolled students at RWTH and FH Aachen

Are there furnished apartments

Yes, the price for a furnished apartment: additional € 90 per month

The furnished apartment is equipped as follows:

o Box spring bed
o sofa
o desk
o office chair
o Cloakroom with hooks
o Small closet
o coffee table
o TV
o Shelf as a storage option
o blanket (anti-allergic)
o anti-allergic pillow)
o Down duvet covers (2)
o pillow cases (2)
o flat sheet (2)
o Molton mattress topper
o floor lamp,
o curtains
o carpet
o laundry basket
o refrigerator
o microwave
o kettle
o cutlery (6 knives, 6 forks, 6 tablespoons and 6 teaspoons)
o Tableware (6 large plates, 6 small plates, 6 bowls)
o glasses (6)
o cups (4)
o Tea towels (4)
o Dish rack
o Cooking sieve
o cutting board (2)
o scissors
o corkscrew
o Knife set (3 pieces)
o Pots (3 pieces)
o pan (1)
o trash can (1)
o Towels (6)
o bath mat (1)
o Bathroom trash can (1)

How much is the rent ?

– 25,4 m2                             : € 355,- p.m

– 28,9 m2                             : € 375,- p.m

– 26,8 m2 +balcony            : € 385,- p.m

Additional costs              : € 95,95 /pm

Is there a deposit? How much do I have to pay for a deposit?

The deposit will be calculated from 2.5 monthly rentals.

Is there a caretaker?

Yes, there is a caretaker who is available 24/7.

Is it allowed to bring pets?

No, it is not allowed to bring your pet in the student dormitories.

Is there a recreation room for students?

Yes, it is planed to build a large-scaled café, where you can buy foods and meet your classmates..

How did you get the idea of raising mobile homes for students at the boulevard?

First, it must be said that our home modules are a private project which does not get any public promotion and which is not connected to the student union.
The city decided to provide two solitaire areas at the campus-parc on the campus to use as living space for students. The reasons for this decision are the huge amount of students and the lack of living space for students.
We got the idea for the mobile homes when we got the possibility to develop a concept for living space on the boulevard for the period of seven years. Regarding to the serious expense and also because of the very important recycle-possibilities, mobile homes were the only possibility to build a paying project.
It is important for us that the mobile homes are not only “containers” because it is not about two walls of steel and two doors. We anchoraged sustainability deeply in our philosophy and try – wherever it is possible – to think not only economic but ecological.

What are the differences (also in price) between the apartments?

The apartments have different sizes, what is proportionately converted on the price of each..

How are water-connection and internet-connection realized?

Water, electricity and long-distance heating are delivered from public services and INFRAWEST. Internet is realized from RWTH

Why is the rental price so high compared to the rent index of the city?

The difference is the expense and the possible re-use after a period of seven years. A permanent building with rooms of 27 square meters each would be about at least 500,- € per month or even more after this short time period – if you only calculate for seven years.
In the calculation you have to include the costs for the development as well as the short time period of service life of the modules. Furthermore, we think about saving the resources because we want to develop the mobile homes with respecting ecological sustainable aspects.
Concerning the rental price it is important to say: The rental price is not higher than the price per square meter in the city, because we offer 27 square meters. Most of the private student rooms are about 16 to 18 square meters, don´t have an additional bathroom or lavatory and cost between 250,- and 270,- €. By comparison we talk about more than 15,- € per square meter in the city. We are only about 13,- per square meter.

Are there other long-ranging solutions for the time at the end of the 7 years?

In this time, we will do our best that the students feel comfortable in our 27 square meter rooms. We hope this concept will bring long-ranging success and we hope it establishes as short-termed solution for housing shortage..


When is the dormitory ready for occupancy?

The dormitory is ready for occupancy at the beginning of the year 2016.

How can I apply for the student dormitories?

You can sign by filling out the application form at the following link. (With regard to that you will be invited to visit an examplary apartment of the student dormitories and on request you can sign a rental agreement).

How much do I have to pay for additional costs and how are they calculated?

The additional costs are directed by your rate of consumption and will be calculated from the consumption of power/water and heating costs. Internet (DSL) included.

Which size do the apartments have?

The apartments have a size of 26.8 m² and 28.9 m².

Is there a washroom with washing machines and dryers?

Yes, we provide a washroom with washing machines and dryers. Besides that, you can book on the Intranet a washing service on your own expense.)

Are there parking areas and how much will they cost?

There are 149 available parking lots on the terrain of the student dormitories which costs 25€ per month.

Is there a lockable storeroom for my bicycle?

No, but there are 285 available bicycle parking spaces in front of the student dormitories.

Is there an obligation of a minimum rental period?

The most student apartments are rented for at least one year. But there is also a possibility to rent a student apartment just for a few months, weeks or days. In that case you can check out our Partner Next Step Hospitality.

Do you make exceptions in special cases?

Of course, we can talk about special problems, individual decisions are always possible.

I am not insured yet, can you help me ?

For questions about insurance, please contact our partner Techniker Krankenkasse Aachen.

Frank Korkor


Techniker Krankenkasse

Campus-Boulevard 57, 52072 Aachen

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